Icons and File Icon Maker Resources by Brian Gipson Folder Icon Maker is
Copyright 1991, 1992, 1995 by Gregory M. Robbins (Folder Icon Maker is a
great utility, and it's free! He only asks that you send him a

Unmodified copies of these Zip Disk Resources may be distributed at no
charge, as long as this release note is provided with them, and remains
unmodified. Unmodified versions of these Folder Icon Maker Resource
Files will have the latest modification date of August 16, 1997 at
either 11:58 PM or 11:59 PM.

This set of Folder Icon Maker Resources was created because of the
desire for nicer looking Zip Disk icons. The System 8 type icon sets
follow the System 8 (Copeland-Like) theme, and come in four varieties
for you to enjoy.

How to use these icons 1) Use the great Postcard-ware program "Folder
Icon Maker" 2) Use the finder's File Info command to copy and paste the

Requirements System 7 or higher and/or Folder Icon Maker

Path: /www/exparrot/

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