Folder Text Labeler X

Folder Text Labeler X
Version 1.0

Folder Text Labeler X is a Shareware icon utility program that
can be used to composite text on top of Mac OS X Finder icons.
It was written in Objective-C Cocoa and compiled on Mac OS X
version 10.3.

To use the program, simply drop an icon for the background onto
the view in the upper left corner of the window and type text into
the text entry field. The program will composite the text on top of
the icon with the transparency intact, and allow you to write the
resulting composite to a PDF file, TIFF file, .icns file or to the
Finder's clipboard. From the clipboard, the icon may be
pasted into any Finder icon from the Finder's "Get Info" window.

If you like the program or use it frequently you may register
your copy at or contact me directly via
email. The shareware fee on this utility is $5.00.

The current version of Folder Text Labeler is 1.0 and may always
be downloaded at:

Questions, comments, bugs?

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