SelectDriveIcons - Unique identities for your Mac!

The "Select" series of icons are unlike any others!
These icons actually look good when selected! Some
even have hidden messages that appear when selected!

This collection contains some icons for your main drive
and other computers. I also threw in a bunch of Special
Occasion folder icons and a Thank You disk icon. These
are great for making an impression on anyone that you
swap files with!

Hope you enjoy these babies. I had a good time creating
them and there's a lotta good vibes in 'em.

Here's the list of icons in this collection:

Welcome (rainbow monitor)
HuggaMac (happy computer)
SchoolBoard (for the teacher)
ThePaper (for you publishers)
Ser-Ver (for the Server)
MacPurr (for cat people)
HelloMac (inside the monitor)
DangerMac (flying scull Mac)
UFM (unidentified flying Mac)
LeftHanded (roF uoY seitfeL)
GoodMac (for J.C.)
BadMac (for fallen angels)

X-Rayed (for the nurse)
FreeFolder (a gift!)
GoodFolder (see GoodMac)
BadFolder (see BadMac, but with flames!)
LightsOut (for the guys)
Ladie'sNight (for the ladies)
Valentine (for love)
While I'm Gone (vacation folder)
Birthday (have a happy)
Congratulations! (YES!)
Thanks! (you're welcome)
ThankfulDisk (for when a thank-you folder ain't enough)

Jason Rainbows

Path: /www/exparrot/

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