SelectRequestIcons - They change when selected!

SelectRequestIcons 1997 Jason Rainbows' Magic Theatre Art and Design
Requires System 7, 256 colors

The Select*Icon Series has gotten tremendous response. Thanks for all
your ideas and inspirations. In gratitude, I've gone through the
Requests List and put together this collection of the Two Dozen Most
Requested Icons!

My apologies to all my friends on Evangelist - I didn't do the anti
Microsloth images I promised. Maybe next time. I'm just not the kinda
person to hold a grudge. I'm sure Bill G. will be calling me any day now
to apologize for what Internet Exploder did to my internet
configuration. But I digress...

For those of you unfamiliar with the Select*Icons Series, you are in for
a real treat! These are real masterpieces of icon design (if I DO say
so, myself). Of course, like all icons in the Select* series, they do
some interesting things when you select them.

Select*Icons are all lovingly hand crafted by PixelMaster, Jason
Rainbows. The most unique and strikingly beautiful icons available
anywhere, each an individual jewel of icon design.

Please enjoy them for their artistic value, and don't foist animosity
upon me for some of the subjects included. Remember, these are what YOU
- the general public - requested and I am, after all, your humble
servant. I ask nothing but to please.

Have a good time and try not to hurt anybody with
these icons, okay?


-Jason Rainbows

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