(Sorry my English is poor, please don't mind if I say anything wrong. I've do my best to express what I want to say.)

Hi there:
I've play Airburst for many years, and I always consider it as a great game!
I love my Nintendo DS very much, too. It's a wonderful gatget!
Now I wish to play Airburst on my DS, because I couldn't bring my computer out all the time, but it's possible for my DS. Besides, as my thought, both of them are adaptable to each other; The Wi-Fi of DS makes many people to play together possible. And I thought that the game would be go over on Nintendo DSs just as it on MACs.
I am really hope it could come true one day.

Thanks for reading.

It would be fun. Airburst was originally designed to work on the GBA as well as the Mac so should scale to the DS perfectly.