Black iBook

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Black iBook

Hey everyone!

I few weeks ago I opened then stripped my 12" iBook of all its paint. Today I was kind of bored and decided I would paint it black. Kind of like the black iPods I guess. Link to pic(It's big)

What do you all think? It doesnt look all that great because it's kind of an beat up old iBook, but it gets the job done! Smile

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Ok, well something didn't wor

Ok, well something didn't work with my HTML so heres the picture adress.

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sweet. looks like my wallstre

sweet. looks like my wallstrett, only square. you should probibly paint the sides, around the ports, and look to see what you can do about the keys on the board.

good work. -digital Wink

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That thing is HOT! Stop stealing my ideas you crazy people! Wink

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one wonders why we have not seen one like this from Apple

Nicely done!

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i have actually been considering that myself

now that the warranty is out...
What kind of paint did you use, and how did you apply it?

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Hey everyone! Thanks for the

Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments.

The sides aren't transparent like the top/bottom parts so I would have to spray the piant dirently on the plastic and that might rub off and
stuff. Also, the keys are barely transparent. I can kind of see through them. What do you think I should do with them? I might be able to take them all off and spray thier backs so that it gives them more of a tint when looking at them from the top. That might be a bad idea though, seeing how the print on the keys is black too.

Oh, and my steps to applying it:
(this will probably only work if you have the clear plastic parts for the top/bottom)
1. Take off the top/bottom parts

1.5 USE THIS GUIDE! The bottom can be tricky.
Thats for my 12" iBook G3. Your best off choosing the guide for your iBook.

2. use rubbing alcohol(I used SunMark Isopropyl alcohol(Not less than 99%)) to remove the white paint that was already on it. This took some time, I let the alcohol soak on it a little to loosen it up then rubbed it really hard and got most of it off. very few parts were hard to reach, those parts are still white, but hardly noticable. Oh, and I just used regualr paper towels with the alcohol to take it off.

2.5. There was some sort of tougher/extra paint near the edge of the top part, and around where the Apple logo was on the top. This just takes a little harder rubbing, but eventually fades away.

3. Pop the plastic Apple logo thing out of the top piece. It's glued in so after it soaks in the alcohol it comes out pretty easy.

4. afteryou take off all the paint make sure to go over it again with a clean paper towel and new alcohol to take off and paint that smeared around and dried on again, this stuff comes off easy.

5. makes sure its all dry and clean then tape up where you dont want the paint. You'll have to take a look at it for yourself because its hard to explaine, just look and take anything you dont want the paint on. This should be the whole OUTSIDE of the plastic that you DONT WANT paint on. You want to paint the inside so it doesnt rub off and you still have the cool glossy look it had when it was white.

6. spray it. I used Krylon Fusion For plastics. I'm sure any GLOSSY spray paint FOR PLASTICS will work fine. Just read the instructions and spray where you didnt tape!

7. After the paint is dry you'll need to stick the apple logo back on. Just put it in place there and I used a fat piece of clear packaging tape and that hold it on excelently and isn't noticable at all.

8. Stick the panels back on how you took 'em off and your done!

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Nice !

Really tho'...great job....nice pic too.

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