LCD Display Repair

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LCD Display Repair

I've got a dead Dell 17" flat panel display (E173FPb) that I picked up, and I'd love to be able to fix it, but know next to nothing about them. When it's powered up, an image is displayed for a couple of seconds, but then goes out. The power indicator (inside the power button) stays lit, but the display is dark. If I turn it off then back on, I get the same thing.

I've pulled it apart, and there doesn't appear to be anything obviously blown or burnt on the PS board. All the caps appear to be in good shape. I happened to be present at the time it first went dark, and there was no smoke. Since the power indicator still lights up, that probably means the power supply is still working, so might it be the inverter?

I did some digging around online and found this eBay auction, where the seller says "Bad Inverter Board Symptom: No Display (No Picture) on screen but Power Indicator light stays on green. Or Screen Flickering. Bad Power Supply Symptom: NO POWER, No Indicator lights are green on front panel." That somewhat confirms my diagnosis, but still, I hate to spend $70 on a new inverter board power supply when it's probably some minor component on the board that's gone bad, and can be replaced for a fraction of that.

So, has anybody done any successful fixes on one of these things, and have some advice for me? Should I just bite the bullet & buy the part, or is there a cheaper solution?

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Hi, Dell laptops are know to



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