FREE: Mac IIsi & Radius Monitor, etc. . .

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FREE: Mac IIsi & Radius Monitor, etc. . .

I've got a fully functional Mac IIsi for free. It comes with the following;

-keyboard & membrane cover, mouse
-Kensington Turbo Mouse (trackball)
-60MB HardDrive
-Radius pivot monitor
-External Fax modem
-2 ethernet connectors
-External Apple microphone
-All of the cables for everything listed, plus a few
-Original system disk installation (OS 7.1)
-Drivers for the trackball and moniter
-FileMaker Pro v2
-. . . and too much more to list

I'm not going to parse components out, you take it all if you take any of it. The computer is Los Angeles, I prefer you pick it up. If it's going to a good cause (or even a hack) you might convince me to deliver it to you in LA or San Diego, or most places in between. If someone REALLY wants me to ship this to them, you pay the costs, and you should know that the monitor weighs about 40 lb.s and the computer about 13 lb.s., and UPS doesn't handle computer equipment not in its' original box.

Today is 3/9/2004. I'll wait until 3/18/2004 to hear from someone, then it goes to a thrift store.

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Check your PM

Tried to contact you but haven't recieved a reply yet

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