FS: 15-inch Powerbook G4 DVI

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FS: 15-inch Powerbook G4 DVI

As the MacBook Pro's have become more and more tempting everyday, I think I'm going to start selling off my machines one by one. My PowerMac G5 doesn't even meet the requirements for Call of Duty 2! Anyways... this is the first machine up:

Powerbook 667 DVI G4
256 RAM, another 256 is coming in the mail (which I will include)
40 Gb HD
DVD/CDRW burner drive
Battery lights up to full
Mac OSX 10.4.6
Output: DVI and S-Video
2- USB ports
1 - Firewire
1 - Sound out port
PC card slot
Gigabit Ethernet
LCD is bright
Aside from paint wear above the slot-load drive, it looks good. I'm looking to get $675 shipped for this laptop.

The second machine I'm going to be selling is:

Powerbook 500 VGA G4 custom painted Black
512 RAM (2x256)
40 Gb HD
DVD/CD drive
Battery lights up to full
Mac OSX 10.4.6
Output: VGA and S-Video
2 - USB
1 - Firewire
1 - Sound out
PC card
Ethernet port
There is one physical crack on the top case, which is located above the slot-load drive. The paint is shiny, but it needs a recoat of gloss since the paint is cracking. I'm looking to get $575 for this laptop.

I have pictures of both of them. So PM me if your interested.