I've got a backlog of projects, including:

1) Get my QRAM 1M Apple //e card tested and installed

2) build out my replica 1 Kit

3) Get 6 Apple 2s hooked together for some Music
synthesis, I've got 2 MIDI cards kits, but need
some 6850 and other chips.

I've got one Mountain Computer Music System (with light pen!)
Also have 2 Novation Apple-Cat cards now (8-bit D/A for more
elaborate sample playback.)

4) Put the 6522 on a prototype card, maybe along with
an FPGA if I can find the right kind of socket.

5) Figure out if I should use or cannibalize my
PC-ISA trackstar card. It has 2 6502 CPUs onboard.

6) Figure out how to use 50 AMP Apple 2 slot connectors
(A military surplus firm lists these at $60/connector, I paid far less.
I could try selling on e-bay, and raise $3000 for another project Smile

I'm tempted to get a circuit board made for a backplane, and build a
new Apple 2-based design (call it the Apple IV), but I'm not sure what
I should do about video and keyboard I/O.

Feel free to comment