PCI PC Graphic cards on mac Performa 6360

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PCI PC Graphic cards on mac Performa 6360

hey all i want to upgrade the graphic card and i have a lot of Cirrus logic,and a S3 Virge DX... but i dont know if there compatible with my mac... so someone can help me?

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I had this exact same problem

I had this exact same problem. I have a spare ATI mach 64 PCI from a PC, and wanted to use it in my mac (B&W G3).

the problem lies within the firmware. if there was a mac version of the card, you might be able to track down a copy of the mac firmware file (which is quite rare), and use some utility (on the PC) to flash it to a mac card.

unfortunantly, I dont think there was a mac ATI mach 64 card, and I doubt there was for your collection of vid cards. the only 2 major manufactors of vid cards for macs prior 2000 were ATI and 3dfx. then, nivda started gitting into it soon after they absorbed 3dfx.

oh, and for my experience with this, see this fritter forum topic:

ATI Mach64 in a B&W G3

hope this helps. -digital Wink

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