It is alive

Well...mostly. Yesterday it looked like it was trying to boot. I was getting a ] at the bottom of the screen when I hit the RESET button. But the screen would not clear and the keyboard was not working. I should have cycled power and I would have gotten the screen to clear. Something about cold booting and warm booting. Today I fixed the keyboard, except for the space bar. And now I can run BASIC programs. I have not done much testing, but I have some issues that I need to fix. Of course, I need to fix the space bar. Also, the character K is replaced with G. Both if these are easy fixes. I tried the graphic modes and for some reason they are not working either. But now that I am booting, things will go faster. I will able to do testing with the monitor or BASIC program. I still need to do some hardware building. I need to adapt my IDE based Compact Flash card and add a Joystick port. After that I have to decide if there is enough space in the FPGA to do the floppy emulator. I am at 97% now. The ASCII keyboard took a lot of space. And the more the device is filled, the harder it is to route.

I will try to get a few pictures this weekend and post them.