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Version 1.00 to be released soon

Almost everything is finished. I have the floppies working 100%. The serial drive is working 99.99%. It works, but the original PC code I downloaded from the web does not have the checksum calculations. I might fix this someday, but not today. The only issue I see so far is loading the ROMs when the system is first plugged into the wall. But by hitting the reset button, the system loads correctly. The ROM actually sets up two 16 Meg drives in one 32 Meg file. I had an issue with Copy II+ and 32 Meg drives.

A few final steps

I am still have a few issues, but everything seems to be working. I have been playing Castle Wolfenstein of a floppy using a keyboard, not an easy task. I am working on the joystick hardware. I want to interface the standard PC type joystick, since that is what I have. It should be basically the same as the Apple joystick. I have the code written, now I have to build the hardware.


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