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Up and running

I have officially moved into my new abode. I set up the development board and started testing the newest code. Since I had been unable to test the ROM, I have been working on the verilog version of the CPU. Under simulation, it appeared to work. But simulation only executed about a dozen or two instructions. When I programmed the development board, it failed. It seems to be failing in a loop that uses Y as an index register into a string of character and prints it on the screen.

Where am I?

Well, forget everything I stated before. I seem to be changing my mind fairly regularity these days. I do not know if is because of the lack of sleep or I am being slowly changed by my wife to be more like her. If I was in marketing I would say, I have adapted in an everchanging environment as new information became known to me. Or some BS like that.


Prototyping the extra Flash ROM has turned out to be harder than I thought. I have decided touse a 8 Mb / 1 MB LPC bus Flash part. Since it uses the LPC bus, there is not a lot of signals to hook up. I tried to find a socket for the chip locally, but no one had one. I will need to order it from Digikey. But for the first prototype, I will just wire it up. This will allow me to get the code debugged. I have added the code to the FPGA, but without the circuit I cannot test it. I was hopeing that I would get some time over the holiday to build the circuit.


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