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A lot of crying

Again crying / testing about the same.

It's all over excpt the crying

Crying .... Testing

To me about the same. I have been unable to boot the Apple ][ E ROM. But today I finally found the smoking gun, so I believe it will boot the new ROM set tonight. I have a 1000 KB ProDOS image on the ROM and the slot ROM code is being loaded also. With a little luck, it will boot completely up into ProDOS. I also have the floppy slot ROM loaded so I might be able to start testing the floppy emulation. That is the next big hurdle.

Getting closer

I have fixed most of the video issues and can reliably boot into Apple ][ mode. I was planning on posting some pictures, but I got side tracked. I finished the 128K memory code and also finished the Floppy disk emulation. I say finished, but it really is not finished until it is tested. I have done almost no testing on any of these new features. The memory I can test using an assembly language program. I am working on it now. When the memory code has been tested and debugged, I need to switch over to the Apple IIe ROMS. This will give the 80 character display capabilities.


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