A lot of crying

Again crying / testing about the same.

I ran into a couple of bumps in the road. I have gotten the system to boot with the unenhanced Apple ][e ROM. But for some reason it does not try to autoboot the LPC ProDOS volume. Also, there has been some issues with the 80 column display. I have been looking at my code and I noticed that maybe I was not reporting the page 2 switch correctly. I was only reporting the switch that controls the page 1 / page 2 switch when the 80 column storage it is not set. The bit that controls the main / aux memory when the 80 column switch is set was not bing reported. This maybe why the screen would turn into 80 column mode, but the aux memory was not being cleared. If it uses this switch to detect the presence of the 80 column card or at least test it then this error could cause this issue. I now have this fixed and maybe it will work. Eventhough the autostart part of the ROM has not been working, I have been issuing a PR#7 to try to boot the LPC ProDOS volume. I have had some other language card issues but I believe this has now been fixed. Last night when I tried the new code, I had a screen come up that said


Or something close to that. When I looked on the internet I found that message being displayed on ProDOS version 2.01 or later because no 65C02. Well, I am emulating a 6502 not a 65C02. So I have to go back to ProDOS 8 Version 1.9. I now have two ROMs with this version on them. One of them includes the unenhanced Apple ][e ROM and the other has the Apple ][+ ROM. One of these should boot and hopefully I will be able to test the floppy emulation, tonight.

It is getting so close I can almost smell it.