A few final steps

I am still have a few issues, but everything seems to be working. I have been playing Castle Wolfenstein of a floppy using a keyboard, not an easy task. I am working on the joystick hardware. I want to interface the standard PC type joystick, since that is what I have. It should be basically the same as the Apple joystick. I have the code written, now I have to build the hardware.

One thing that has taken some time is the hard disk volume over a serial port. I was able to compile the source code for the PC section but had to write the Apple code myself. I had a few issues but I believe I have them worked out. I have been able to boot ProDOS over the serial port, but did not have try saving files. If it fails, it could destroy the file on the PC. I was also trying to get the Rom's loaded from the serial port. This seems to have some issue. All the required blocks get loaded and the systems seems to boot, but when a key on the keyboard is pushed, the system does not respond correctly. I am going back to loading the Rom's from the LPC ROM. When I get the serial port volume completely tested, I will retry loading the Rom's using the serial port. The LPC ROM hardware is getting flaky. I have had to keep repairing it every time I try to change the ROM.

When the joystick is working, the project is finished. At least as much as I am going to do for a while. Ultimately, I want to redo the CPU to be 65C02 compatible. I did not realize how many bugs were in Apple software. The newer versions are less buggier, but most require the 65C02.