Compaq 4GB SCSI drive questions

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Compaq 4GB SCSI drive questions

Hi everyone.

I installed a 4gb SCSI Compaq drive into my Color Classic with Mystic upgrade. When I attempt to install OS 7.5 I get the following error message.

Sorry, a system error occured.
bus error
To temporarily turn off extensions, restart and
hold down the shift key.

I am a total noob when it comes to the Macintosh systems, I did research it, but I saw some information that made me wonder. Unfortunately, I did not see direct answers so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me. Please don't assume I may know something that is a typical MAC setting or something. As I mentioned I'm really new to the MAC and especially this CC with Mystic system. What I read that had me thinking is this. I saw mention of an apple driver that must be installed on the drive. Do I need to install some sort of Apple driver on the Compaq HD? If so, where do I find this driver or software to install and setup the hard drive to work with my CC? Also, would the above error happen if the hard drive did or did not have the apple driver installed?

I will really appreciate anyones help


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Apple Drivers

SCSI drives in Macs are a pain if they are not branded with an Apple. But it will work, you will need to format it with 3rd party drivers like FWB's hard Disk Toolkit or Silverlining so it will lwt you install an OS.

There is also a hacked Apple Disk tool you can find on one of these sites:

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Apple Drivers OS X

If you have a SCSI equipped Mac OS X machine, you can use Disk Utility to format. Make sure you check the box "Install OS 9 drivers," or something along the lines of that. I did that in my Beige G3, and the drivers work fine. If not, Silverlining is very nice. Google "Mt. Everything" it should bring up a page that will explain it in depth.

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I went to the links above and

I went to the links above and downloaded some of the boot disks from the site. I have a powerMAC 5500 and used Diskcopy 4.2 to make the disk image on a floppy for an OS 7.5 bootdisk with utils.

When I insert the disk into my CC it starts to load just like it does when I attempt to install the full OS 7.5 from CD and then gives me that same error I mentioned in my initial post above. What could be causing this? I'm not trying to install anything onto the hard disk. This is just a simple bootdisk with some utils on it.

I was hoping to boot with this floppy so I could at least access the utils on the floppy disk. Then I'd use the special SCSI HD program to configure my 4GB Compaq HD into 2 2GB apple ready partitions.

Sadly, I can't even get the boot floppy to load as it gives me that same error. Sad

Please help me, I'm about to give up all hope and that sux, because I paid good money for this CC and the parts to make it a Mystic. The system was working fine with OS 7.5 originally, then I installed OS 8.1 and found out that OS doesn't work on a CC Mystic unless you do a video hack. Now, with two different SCSI hard disks, and even trying to just boot from a boot floppy so I can use some utilities, nothing is working. It all gives me that error message I mention above. Sad

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It's likely that the bus erro

It's likely that the bus error you're getting is hardware related, not a software or driver issue.

If you have the model number of the drive, you should be able to track down pinouts, and see how the drive termination is set. SCSI issues have long been referred to as voodoo, and it's often a matter of trial and error. If the termination on the drive is on, try with it off and vice versa.

Also check the ID. Though it shouldn't make a difference, the default for Macs is to have the internal hard drive ID #0.

Once you're able to boot without the bus error, then you can start to look at drivers for formatting.

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