CC65 patches for Apple1/Replica1

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This contains the patched files to build the cc65 compiler suite with support for Replica1/Apple1 computers. Only console I/O is supported (no disk subsystem for these, yet). To build for Apple1, use " -t apple1 " on the command line, use " -t replica1 " for Replica1. The difference between the two is the RAM memory map. To build the compiler, download and untar the cc65 compiler source archive for version 2.11.0. Untar this patch, which creates a similar directory structure with only the patched/new files. Copy the patched files into the original source tree. Build according to the documentation. I've only tested the build under OSX, but should work fine on all the supported host environments. I've done basic testing of the generated targets on the Replica1 SE and Pom1 emulator. In order to download the binary to the computer, you will need to use whatever mechanism you have. I use Vince Briel's serial port interface, so I created a utility program, located in util/apple1/bintomon.c that reads the binary and outputs a text file that can be sent through your terminal program to the target. All binaries are built to load at $280, right after the keyboard input buffer. To load a binary into the Pom1 emulator, load a raw memory file into address $27C. The binary has a 4 byte header so this load address is needed to put the code and data at the correct address.

The Apple1 is a questionable target for a C compiler due to its small memory size and disjointed memory map. The Replica1, on the other hand, is a near perfect single board target with its 32K contiguous RAM and nice I/O expansion. Compare this with what WDC offers as a single board development platform for $695.

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