More closet treasures

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More closet treasures

And more closet treasures

1. A 6500/250 Powermac, 6Gig hd, CD-Rom Drive, Floppy drive, the AV Hardware, ATI video card, 64megs ram upgradeable to 128megs and OS 8.6. A very nice working machine and nice in apperance. It works very well and its guarrenteed NO DOA
$35.00 plus shipping from 76086 and shipping is via USPS parcel post is $35.00 with delivery conformation

2. A 8100/120 upgraded to a 300/150 Newer Tech Daughter card, 256megs ram, 12X CD-Rrom drive, floppy drive, 4Gig HD, the AV hardware and OS 8.5. A good working machine that has a very minor cosmetic problem. The CD-Rom case cover has both tabs broken on it and it will not stay on with out using a little scotch tape. It just needs another case cover
$35.00 shipped from 76086. Shipping is same as above and guarrenteed NO DOA

3. A 5300cs powerbook, 100MHz CPU , 750meg hd, 32megs ram, floppy drive a very nice clean sharp LCD and OS 8.6 a nice clean powerbook that works well. It does not have a battery but it does come with the AC Adaptor.
$28.60 shipped from 76086 and guarrenteed NO DOA

4. the very last of the iMac 333 CPUs that I have for the trayloader iMac. This one comes with 64megs of ram. It was a working pull and it is guarrenteed NO DOA
$12.50 plus shipping from 76086