PearPC OS X under Windows XP

My attempt at getting PearPC on my windoze boxen. I am successful, and have Panther Server on it. Runs like molasses though... I also got networking working too! In fact, i am posting from the emulated Environment. Albeit, the time i press the key on the keyboard, and the time it shows on screen is about Ave. 2.3 seconds



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Still struggling with PearPC? Why, you could be running CherryOS any day now! Acute

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yeah, i saw that post as it was developing. This picture was more of a Trophie" to show people that my machine could do it

Specs of the PC:

AMD Sempron 2400+ clocked to 2800+ (1.97GHz)
512MB DDR PC-2700
333MHz FSB (sad, i know....)
AGP 8x Pro
SATA 150 Drive bus
200GB (2x200GB) SATA Hardware Mirrored RAID (Running Windows XP Pro)
80GB IDE (running Vista Test Drive (see link for download from M$ and activation acquisition))
64MB Xabre 3D vision Graphics card with the memory and the GPU Clocked to 215MHz
17" Dell Trinitron (goes to 1600x1400)
WIndows XP Pro. with PearPC and Panther Server running under it.

It took my 5 hours to get it installed (after having a lot of problems with the install images)
and 2 hours to get networking going (finding online guides, and Troubleshooting/config File tweaking, setting parameters/VPN)
and 13 seconds to load AppleFritter in Safari Blum 3