FS: 17" Powerbook G4 / 1Ghz

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FS: 17" Powerbook G4 / 1Ghz

Hi all,
Looking to sell my Powerbook to upgrade. I purchased this unit in August 2003 and it has been perfect ever since. The 3 year Applecare ends this August. I have had to use it only twice. They replaced the motherboard about 2 years ago, after I fried the firewire port during a power outage. About 2 months ago, they replaced my power adapter because the wire going into the connector became frayed.
It has worked flawlessly.

There is one tiny, unnoticeable scratch on the lid. About 1/4".
There are several scratches on the bottom of the laptop, most on the battery.
All scratches are strictly cosmetic. The laptop has never been dropped or physically harmed.


1Ghz Powerbook G4 - 17"
60 GB Hard Drive
512 MB RAM
Airport Extreme
Backlit Keyboard
1 Battery
1 Power Adapter
All Original Packaging
All Original Manuals/Paperwork
All Original Software (OS 10.2)

Asking 1300 plus shipping.
If located in the Bay Area (CA), we can arrange to meet in person - no shipping necessary.
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.