AIO to minitower project entry (big pictures!)

as i have posted on the forum, i am going to be taking my AIO's contents and throwing them into a Beige G3 MiniTower. I am just testing some things, should i need to do some unexpected stuff.

This is the Sled out of the AIO running on a compaq PSU:

This is the rocker switch on the PSU that has to be pushed for the system. Note: this means there is no softpower, yet....

sorry about the image quality on this and the one below:

The pic above is the prize that i had waited for for a week. Delays due to paypal and my bank frustrated me on it. It was $6.93USD Total with shipping in the USA. It is a 10 switch DIP adapter. Does TON's of settings. I would scan the paper in with the settings, if i had a scanner that worked....

this is the front of the AIO Tray. It has a 2GB Jaz drive, a floppy, and an LG DVD-ROM with DVD-RAM Reader (but no write Sad )
I will someday get a video card for it that will allow me to play DVD's in OS X, and OS 9.

This is the top of the sled, on the right is the PSU, it's a Compaq PSU pulled out of a POS Desktop that had water damage to the board. I paid my friend $3 for it, pulled the floppy (now in my PC) the RAM, the 2GB IDE Drive, and the PSU, they have all come into good use, I still have the CPU on my shelf (233MMx Pentium [not P-2]):

This pretty much contains everything that will go into the minitower, c'ept an extra 10GB IDE Drive. That will go on the primary chain with the original Drive for OS X.

This has a D-Link 10/100 DFE-530TX+ PCI Ethernet card in the most right PCI Slot, as twin Fan PCI Slot cooler, and a 5-port Belking USB 2.0 card. Right now there is an Personality card it the special slot for the AIO systems. There is no monitor attached to it, to allow unlimited Resolutions to the outside Video (otherwise outside would max at 1024x768, i got the monitor working at 1152x864 or something now)

All in all, it's not much for a hack, but at least it will reduce my clutter when i am done. i will ship the sled to anyone that wants it when i am done, minus the computer stuff, and they would have to pay shipping.


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i have already had a few people ask me what those were, they are wire nuts. for pretty big wires actually. I used them to patch some molex wires together on another project i was working on...

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got all the parts in today, and the system is in it's new case! it's got a wings card, a 20GB IDE Drive, a jaz drive, and 80GB drive, and a DVD-Rom drive (16x) bit of a problem though, is that there were no bezels with the case (hopefully soon to be remedied, only need 2 more) and no brackets for mounting the drives (also hoped to be remedied).

this was a fun project, and i finally have a case just like i have wanted since seeing the 8600's come out with them. I still think they are the best cases, hands down. I mean, how many macs have four configurable drive trays, all of which can hold 4 CD-Rom's all at once?!?!