Apple IIC Disk Drive Problems.

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Apple IIC Disk Drive Problems.


I was recently booting up some old 5.25 Floppys the other night , and ofcourse I
got the dreded re-calibration noise and I/O errror. Now when I go to boot up any
Floppy Disk , I get the dreded calibration noise and error . Is it possible the disks that I tried put my 5.25 internal drive out of calibration? If so , is it possible to have the IIC bootup to the 5.25 External drive? If not , I would like to know how to calibrate an apple //drive.

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Hi, Use a disk cleaning d

Use a disk cleaning disk to clean the heads. Some of the old disks can foul up the head. Not sure if they are dirty or if there is some kind of oxidation that is on the surface of the disk that comes off. Some times I have to clean the head after using a certain disk.
Floppies could be bad. Anything is possible, that is it could be out of calibration or the speed could be off. But I would clean the heads a few time first. With the floppies, are they hard to turn in the sleeve? This will affect the speed they spin at. Do they have a center hub? Some were made with out them. The drive has a hard time of clamping the disk. Sometimes the hubs fall off. Hey they are getting old.
Some one else will help with the second drive boot and or calibration if you get that far.

Take Care

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I do believe you can drop to

I do believe you can drop to BASIC and type PR#7 to boot from the external drive.

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