Starting over with iTunes...

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Starting over with iTunes...

After getting a new HD, I create a partition just for my MP3's and Video. I coppied my 'Music' folder to the new Hard drive and changed the association within iTunes advanced preferences.

Problem is it still thinks about 1/3 of my songs are on my old hard drive, and not seeing them flags them. To top it off, iTunes also imported those same songs from my my new HD. So I have a good and bad version of the song stored in iTunes.

I would like to get rid of all the bad ones, but I think I would like to start over from scratch if possible. Is there any way I can get iTunes to act as if its brand new without any files stored, like when i first opened it?


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Try this.

Got to your user folder, open the Music folder and open the iTunes folder. Trash the iTunes 4 Music Library file. and restart itunes. You can then build your library again.

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I would try the consolidate l

I would try the consolidate library function. It basicly makes shure everything is in that one music folder, and I think it would fix your problem. To consolidate your library, go to the advanced menu item, and scrol down untill your see consolidate library. Click it, and click the Consolidate library butten. That should fix it.

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