any good PC Text Editors? [like BBEdit is good on mac]

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any good PC Text Editors? [like BBEdit is good on mac]

BBEdit Lite on the mac is an ideal free text editor with the ability to remove hard returns and the ability to insert hard returns at whatever specified number of characters needed.

We've tried EditPad Lite and NotePad++. Those PC Text Editors don't quite do it. The main requirement is it be able to insert line returns [hard returns], in our case at 48 characters. Are you aware of any free text editors on the PC with this ability? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Edit Plus

While not free ($29.95) I'm told by very reliable sources that Edit Plus is the best text editor for the PC.

For OS X Mac, it's TextWrangler, which is much more capable than BBEdit Lite. It does require 10.3 or better, but if you're there already, it's a no-brainer. TextWrangler is free too.

Are you doing web page coding or what?

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