PS2 & PC DVD... thoughts?

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PS2 & PC DVD... thoughts?

OK so here's one from the "probably not" catagory...

I have a V9 PS2 (PlayStation 2, not PS/2) that either the laser or the corresponding circuitry is dead in ('V9 syndrome')... no cleaning or adjusting could provide resurrection to it. Has a broadband adapter with the IDE functionality.

I also happen to have a lappy's DVD-ROM sitting here from The Great Tea Spillage Incident of 2006 that was unharmed. I look at one, then look at the other...

I've Googled myself into the ground to try and find out if the PS2's DVD-ROM could be replaced with either the lappy drive or a PC DVD-ROM. Why would I want to do that, you ask?

a) the more I dont see it's been attempted or done, the more I wanna do it Smile
b) the thing would sure be a lot more 'robust' set up like that.. been inside the drive of a PS2 before? I dunno, I'm not a fan of the construction myself.
c) it would take two things here that arent being used and make them both usable as one.

OK so why ask here? You guys and dolls are helpful, knowledgeable... not a bunch of k1dz following someone's FAQ to put it bluntly; would anyone care to look here and there and provide a definitive?

I've run into a few posts where the same question's asked... no answer. Google's been bombadred with pages selling some Teac drive with PS2 in the name which throws the whole process outta whack even with -teac.

I'm probably missing something that makes it obvious of course... don't claim that I'm not.

I also found one or two "the PS2's DVD ROM is magical and oooonly it can"... well that's cute and all, but did anyone try?

Thoughts comments flames smacks to the face, etc appreciated.

-- Macinjosh

PS. If not, it's probably gonna make one heckuva case hack...

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well, XBOX hacks and mods are my thing not much with the PS@, so i may not be definitive but, my belief is that it is not a standard mechanism and needs to be replaced with an orig. compatible drive. I could also be entirley incorrect, but i dont think thatswapping drives will work.


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would've been nice if the $50 PS2 that got offered to me nearly 2 years ago would have been an $50 xbox... itd have been soooooooo hacked around on by now Wink

I dont think it will either... sense dictates sony rigged it to not be doable. But with hard drives getting hardwired to slim PS2 mobos, I've got to wonder. Will the PS2 accept a slave DVD ROM drive or does it probe harder than that, and perhaps it would just accept its presence but not boot games from it?

The amount of work that would go into hacking around to find out is why I pause beforehand. If I can get some sort of hope it will be worth it though I'll take a crack at it.

Anyone else?

-- Macinjosh

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well to quote DDTM,

I think that DDTM put it best,

'If it ain't broke, take it apart anyways. If you can't take it apart, break it so that you can fix it.'

So, my suggestion would be to be to just try it, the worse that could happen would be thatyou wind up getting a new PS2 DVD drive.

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the PS2s are a bit on the har

the PS2s are a bit on the harsh side to take apart fully. but can be done cause i have done it many times and can strip one down fast now. the main part is to not break those thin cables leading every where and need skinny fingers.

there is a few places on the net that sell's referb PS2 drive parts or mabe new parts. but yea the insides anre not like the xbox that had almost normal IDE drives that the ps2 dont.

here is one place that sell's parts to rebuild your drive

ive bought a few things from there

i even got my ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition PCI video card from there


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