Going nuts to identify an expansion card I picked up,

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Going nuts to identify an expansion card I picked up,
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I've had this card a few days now and I can't figure out what the heck it is. The blue connector seems to be a standard floppy interface and fits into a floppy drive. I haven't tried it with a powered on II, though. I remember reading a FD controller can be burned out with the wrong drive attached, so yeah, a bit nervous about it.

All googling brings up useless links. Since I know very little about Apple II hardware (or how to work it) I thought it might be best to ask around here. Electrocution isn't on my agenda. : )

Some of the markings on card - Chatsworth data corporation (card itself), 1APA2.42 (on the large chip), sn7400n (a smaller chip nearby).

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Googling for: chatsworth data

Googling for: chatsworth data apple
gives me the following:

...Use a Chatsworth data card reader to handle huge numbers of race day entrants.

...A very compact (about 5 inched square) mark-sense card reader originally released (I believe) for use with the Apple ][ computer.
As with so many things, I have the unit but no docs or interface card. If you have one laying about that you don't need...

Sounds to me like it's an interface card to a card reader of some sort. The jimw fellow sounds like he needs a card... maybe you two could strike a deal. Smile

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