Moving to the end

Now that I have the boot issue fixed, I am working on the floppy. I have it mostly working. I am able to use FILER to format the two drives. I am also able to store data on the drives. I can run programs from them. I can even use Copy II Plus bit copy and copy one disk to the other. But a few things still are not right. The first issue is booting from the drive. I can do a PR#6 and it will go to track 0, then it moves the head to track 1. I assume it read the boot blocks and is looking for PRODOS. I am having an issue with Copy II Plus also. I use the verify disk option and it says every sector has an error. When I look at a track dump, I see a hex 96 as the third byte after the trailer bytes of each sector. The last thing I notice is the drive seems to be very slow even for a floppy. That maybe my imagination since I have not used 5.25 inch floppies for several years.