What relay do I have to use with the Takky PSU Mod?

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What relay do I have to use with the Takky PSU Mod?

Greetings Guys!

There are only a few more things I need to do in order to have my Takky entirely finished, such as a few fine details inside the case and the completion of the relay circuit for the additional PSU.

As I've stated, I do not have the relay circuit yet. The way the Takky is powered right now is by having Color Classic hooked up to a surge suppressor and an the additional power supply wired with a separate power cord which comes out of the case leading to the surge suppressor. In order to cut the Takky on I simply flip the switch of the suppressor, hehe - it isn't particular elegant but it works. But I'm really ready to finish up so I'd need a few infos regarding the relays one could use.

I've been using MISUTHiKU website as a reference. He states that the OMRON G6B-1177P-ND-US would be best considering it has an internal diode and an LED showing the status of the relay. Unfortunately, this particular model is not available anymore. The model OMRON G6B-1114P-US is but does not include a diode. Now here's my question: I'd love to have a relay with an integrated diode (less soldering to do for me) - does anyone know a similar type relay? If not, what kind of external diode would I need for the circuit?

That pretty much sums it up, heh. I'd really appreciate all the input I could get on this topic. Thank you so much in advance!