Looking for an old Applesoft Dungeon Game

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Looking for an old Applesoft Dungeon Game


I'm trying to figure out if anyone recalls an old Applesoft Dungeon Game from around 1978-1979.
I thin it was an Applesoft Dungeon Game that was printed in one of the magazines of that day.
It used the LoRes Graphics of the Apple ][plus I had. The characters were depicted as 2x2 blocks - and I recall the monsters were either Green or Dark Green in shade. You had to discover the Maze as you walked around and discover treasure and fight monsters. You would go up and down to different levels until you completed the game.

Though I played many games such as space invaders this game was the most addictive and I always enjoyed hours unending play during my childhood.

IF, by some miracle anyone recalls this game I would hope you might be able to provide a copy somehow to me...