My Franken-Mac - A G4's Transformation

Franken-Mac Front

I must first say that I am a Switched PC User. I bought an iBook off of a friend because I was interested in OSX. I then wanted a Mac that I could edit Final Cut Pro on, because I was using Adobe Premier on a PC and I wanted to make the transition.

I bought this G4 466 Digital Audio on ebay, figuring that I would upgrade as funds became available.
The first thing that I did was up the ram from 128meg to 1.5 gig, and add an 80 gig hard drive to the 30 that was already in it.
I then bought a Lacie DVD Burner to replace the CDR, and Panther upgraded Jaguar.
The third step meant moving the 30 gig Hard Drive to a firewire box and adding a second 80 gig drive. Step four was the addition of a 1.33 gig processor, and a third 100 gig hard drive.
Step Five was moving the internals to a new ATX case.

The case transfer was very easy because I decided to keep everything that I could, and work on making it fit in the acrylic case. If you notice, I used the original power board and drilled holes into the side panel and connected it using standoffs. The power button was simply "super glued" to the case wall.

I never worked with acrylic before, but I found it pretty easy. Naturally the motherboard mounts were for a PC, but I was able to redrill holes and move the mounts to the correct location. (Someone ought to make a template that would show the exact place to redrill while aligning the PCI and AGP slots where they ought to be.)

The Acrylic case that I bought came with more that enough hardware to mount things like the speaker, airport antenna, and power button.

The only thing that made me somewhat nervous was adding a LED fan to the inside of the power supply. While it wasn't hard, I heard stories of a charged capacitor blowing people's hands off.

I went to ebay and bought all the lighted goodies, and as of now I am still waiting for some of them to come in. I would like to figure out a way to make acrylic handles for the top and bottom, and give this case a "clear g5" look .

Like I said, I think that it went very easy, but I must say that I have been building PCs for 10 years. I never knew that there were websites available like this one, and so many after-market upgrades out there for Macs. Once I found them, I was able to make my Mac into a Franken-Mac.


Franken-Mac Back

Franken-Mac Side

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