problem with sound output

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problem with sound output

dear fritter's!

i hope someone can help me out... even if my problem is regarding a pc with windows xp Smile

currently i'm experiencing the following problem: i start up the pc, play videos or sounds with windows media player, ok. works fine... but everytime i start up winamp and try to play an mp3 file with it, i don't hear anything from the sound output. even if i switch the output plugin to my second sound card, nothing. i'm a bit frustrated at the moment, i already tried to reinstall the hardware drivers and double checked if it's just a volume setting somewhere, didn't help at all.
the interesting thing is, after i shutdown and turn on the machine again, it works. as long as i dont open winamp and try to play something. :?

i don't want to reinstall, as i need the pc on saturday for dejaying (virtual dj).

any suggestions?

acer rc900
pentium 4 ht 3ghz
2gb ram
acer mainboard with integrated realtek soundchip, second card is sound blaster pci 512
xp home sp2 with latest updates

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Hey man.. I'm assuming you

Hey man..

I'm assuming you have gone into the sound properties in Winamp?
The only thing I can suggest is to completely remove Winamp and re-install it. It may also be a problem in Windows Registry.. But i wouldnt go fiddling there..

Good luck..


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still same...

mhm, i tried everything i could to get the sound back to work already. every freakin' knob or slider in winamp or windows or whatsoever...

i believe the root of my problem is an install of wipeout 2097. officially, it's not supported on xp. but i successed in installing it using the "windows 98 compatibility" mode. since then, everytime i try to play something in winamp, it just mutes everything on my first (internal) sound card, sound on the second one still works. even if i quit winamp and try to play something with media player. only a restart of the whole machine brings back my internal sound card.

interesting. so, don't install old stuff unless you are sure what it does!

btw, even uninstalling of wipeout 2097 didn't work. still the same problem. guess i'll try a clean re-install... god bless micro$oft and xp...

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