Color Classic and more

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Color Classic and more

Two CC's one with original shipping box, keyboard and mouse. It does not have any of the original manuals or disks. This machine is in almost pristine condition. A nice crisp CRT, No scratchs or marks on the case. I have replaced the clock battery and changed the memony from 4 megs to 6megs. It boots right up and is running sys 7.1. As this is a very clean CC and has the original shipping box it is $130.00 shipped from 76086

CC #2. This is just a case with the crt, psu, drive enclosure, and it does not have the case part that goes behind logicboard. This is another nice clean case with the exception that some one wrote 23 in magic marker on the top of the case. I do not know if the crt is good or the psu. This would make an excellent project for some one or a great restoration
$35.00 shipped from 76086