Apple "Showtime" Event Product Announcements

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Apple "Showtime" Event Product Announcements

To summarize:

--Revision of 5th gen iPod; brighter screen, better battery life, interface enhancements. Comes in 30GB ($250) and 80GB ($350) versions, in black and white.
--New iPod nanos in aluminum casings. 2GB in brushed aluminum is $150; 4GB in pink, blue, green, silver and black is $200; 8GB in black is $250.
--New iPod shuffle; new aluminum casing. 1GB only at $80. Coming in October.
--iTunes 7. Added orgainzation and iPod sync functionality; interface enhancements. Available today.
--iTunes Music Store now just the iTunes Store; more TV shows and now movies. TV/movie file resolution upped to 640x480. Movies will be out same day as the DVD; $13 the first week they're out then $10 afterwards.
--Preview of new set-top box coming Spring 2007. Codenamed "iTV", will have Ethernet, 802.11, HDMI, etc. and will stream content from networked PC.