Quadra 630 no worky with DOS card

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Quadra 630 no worky with DOS card

I had a q630 + dos card motherboard sitting around and I found a 6200 recently. I pulled out the motherboard of the 6200 and put in the q630 + dos board and it didn't boot. I can hear some small fan noise when I press the keyboard button (that turns on and off when the button is held down), but it doesn't power up. I then remove the dos card and it works fine. This happens with two q630 motherboards (both are the dos version with the extra simm slot).

Before I give up on the dos card.. does anyone have any hints/tips? The 6200 had the tv/video system installed.. so this would make one sweet setup all working together.

One thought I had is perhaps the 6200 power supply is inadequate for the task?