Color Classics

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Color Classics

I have two CC's one has a nearly pristine case but the logicboard and internals are gone. All that remains is the CRT, floppy drive, PSU and the case is missing the door that mounts on the back of the case.

#2. A cc that did power up and has the Mystic board in it. However the CRT needed adjustment. The machine does power up but no chime and no picture on the CRT. The case is yellowed and the CRT was sharp it just needed adjusment to center it up. it has a one gig hard drive in it and I think 16megs ram. Why it quit booting I do not know.

Some one could take these and build a really nice Mystic or do a neat mod on one or the other. As I am clearing out much of what I have these are cheap $15.00 for the pair plus shipping from 76086. I will sell one or both. preferably both together.

If no takers its off to the recyclers and that would be a shame for the one as it really has a pristine case.