huge-*** CRT Res!

I think I am in love... This is a Dell D1025TM Trinitron CRT screen. I Just *Happened* to hook it up to my Radeon 7000 (with DVI!) on my B&W G3. This was the resolution I achieved. This is not a flatscreen though... Sad
I was amazed, as my Xabre 200 64MB AGP in my Windows machine was hitting 1600x1200 @ 60hz Top! under the G3 it hits that rez at 85hz!



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it is kinda an odd resolution. I have to squeeze the display on the CRT (pull it in towards the center with the size) and then it does widescreen. Still, i would rather have this than only 1600x1200 on a PC when the monitor can be used at a more of a potential on my G3 Blum 3

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It's probably not the best thing for the display... I hooked up a 15" regular CRT to a computer once and it went up to 1280x1024. Weird resolutions happen.

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I hooked up a 15" regular CRT to a computer once and it went up to 1280x1024.

Actually, that's what my 15" Flatscreen is doing right now. It's a 15" Flatscreen CRT, and it's doing the 1280x1024. It works wonders Smile

you can do whatever resolutions are published in the manufacturer's specs. If it is listed, then it is OK to run it. If there is a problem running the display at such a resolution, then it needs to be in the manual, e.g. "Although it is possible to run the unit at 1987x1066 it should not be done for long periods as it may cause overheating of the framistan"

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sadly it has bit the dust. I have been wanting this for a LONG time. Then I got this display, and I thought it would only do the 1600x1200 max. about 30 mins ago, i hooked it up to my B&W because since I don't have a need for the high resolution on my PC, i decided to switch it to my G3. When I hooked it up, it was doing 1792x1344. I thought "that can't be right..."
I went to the System Prefs, and looked, and my eyes grew as big aa saucers. I finally found my dream display.
I do want to know, that the machine recognizes that at those odd res's, it thinks it IS a widescreen display, and cuts the dvd's black bars automatically since it thinks it is already widescreen.
I am in LOVE with this display.

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As a 17" display, that kinda of resolution must be hard to use, unless you have it set to ignore the regular DPI settings and are making it display in a reasonable size. You'd need to be in the neighborhood of 170DPI to see things usefully...

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with my glasses, i can see quite well. So I don't have a problem with it. However, i have to squeeze the picture in so that it maintains the 16:9 ratio. So it ends up using only a little bit of the CRT, but the picture is great! I have NEVER had a display like this before...

Well? Don't they? You bum! I'm so mad at myself right now. Awesome for you though!

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it's a great card. I love it. Someday, i will get a DVI Display and use it. I am already shopping for a TV that I can hook to the S-Video port.