What is a good Apple ][+ word processor?

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What is a good Apple ][+ word processor?

What is a good Apple ][+ word processor? I have apple works however that only works on apple IIes'. Is there a version of appleworks that works on the apple ][+. Well, if there isn't I guess I got a new programming project...

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Apple Writer

Apple Writer was one of the main word processor programs before Appleworks came along. I think that it works on both A]['s and A][+'s.

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Fred Writer (free Writer), Ap

Fred Writer (free Writer), AppleWorks 1.0 or 2.0 might work on a ][+. Some versions of BankStreet Writer. I have one that is is for the ][+ still shrink wrapped $2.00 plus what it cost to ship.

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Magic Window was alway my fav

Magic Window was alway my favorite..

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