Blue Man Group

Last night, the Blue Man Group stopped in at the Qwest Center in Omaha, NE. I can say that it is nothing short of spectacular. *LOT'S* of PVC Fun! The light staging was amazing, but too bad I couldn't get closer to the stage to see how the lighting was done.

The theme was as usual (Inside the Tube) and featured a lot of parodies and satirical comedy. Including the diet coke and mentos experiment on stage. if you don't know who the blue man group is, go here on wikipedia

The light show they used captivated me with the ways they did the color patterns. They were also working with a new experiment with text message, where they would send you little clues through text messages to get you "too the roof", which was one of the main focus's of it.

It starts out with the "How to put on a rock show" infomercial, in which the blue man group order the guide to put on a rock show. Basically the whole thing was followed through with comedy based on the guide, where they would get the audience involved with the act. Mainly through actions (getting the whole croud head-banging, jumping, and yelling) to further the theme.
If you want a run-down on what happens, look the the link that I provided (it's not easy to describe what happened) and if you ever get a chance to go see them, DO IT! it is worth the money!