making floppies for my se 30

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making floppies for my se 30

Hi, i bought an Se 30 and im trying to make mac os 7.5 floppies for it. I have an external usb floppy drive (imation super disk) hooked up to my macbook pro. i have the image files of the floppies and im trying to restore them onto the new floppy discs. when i try to use the restore funtion, it gives me a "An error (1) occurred while copying. (Operation not permitted)" error.

what can i do?


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Is that the set of 19 or so f

Is that the set of 19 or so floppy images? If so, they aren't really floppies. They are in floppy sized chunks so that they can be copied to a machine with no other source of input. When all of the files are placed int he same folder and the first image is mounted they all become part of a large disk image that contains the 7.5 install. One way to get the SE/30 running, if it doesn't have an ethernet card, is if you have another older Mac that has a printer/serial port that you could use for LocalTalk to the SE/30, and also has an Ethernet port that you can use to connect to the MBP. Mount the 7.5 install image and make it shareable. Boot the SE/30 with a floppy made from the 7.5NAD (Network Access Disk) image and mount over LocalTalk and install from the 7.5 install image. Sharing the mounted image will be much faster than sharing the files and mounting the image on the SE/30.

Of course, if you have it, a SCSI CD-ROM and a boot floppy along with the 7.5 install image files burned on a CD would be even faster.

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installing software on my se 30

I have an external cdrom drive that tests out working - I can view a Mac OS 9.1 isntall disc. When I tried to use a cdrom sent to me, my running OS, 7.5, says can't read. That cdrom is good, in normal cdrom data disc format.

What is the format for software installiation cdroms used by OS7.5? Can I use a G4 with a vanilla OS9.1 install to create it? Can I use a linux machine to create it?


John G

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