HELP! Modem to Modem (old school)

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HELP! Modem to Modem (old school)

I don't know if this is the right place for this, I think its a OSX/UNIX Question...

So here is my proplem...

I recently pulled my Newton Messagepad 2100 out of storage an I want to play with it. I have no serial cable ar interconnect dongle and its in its factory state, so I have to kinda bootstrap it up. The only common conectivity I have between avalable devices is old school modem to modem, ( I think its called null modem? but that might be just the name of the cable) just like my bro and I use to use to play games when we where kids, but now I cant quite get it to work with OSX.

I have a modem for the newton (Hayes Optima 288) Dials just fine from the "Dock" program, On the other end of the phone cable is my iBook (G4 10.4.8) Useing Zterminal the ibook modem picks up fine when isseed the ATA command, The whine and whistle and negotiote a 28800 conection...

For some reason I cannot get Newton Connection utilities to load on my Classic enviroment, the installer just hangs, so I have been forced to use some third party software (Escale and NewTen) these programs allow newton conectivity in OSX, both support serial connections and I have a number of options (cu.serial, cu.Operator-DialupNetworki-1 and some bluetooh stuff) But none of these programs can see the modem. =/ I have contacted the developers of both programs and both have replyed saying they see no reason why their program could not be used for modem to modem connections

After Zterminal prints "CONNECT 28800" it prints this:


after about 15 seconds ( I assumo the time out for the NCU Responce) Zterm prints this:


the dock app on the newton then gives me a "The connection was stoped because there was no response." message and then Zterm prints "NO CARRIER"

So my question is this, Is there something special I have to do to use cu.modem/tty.modem as a normal serial port? is there a way in Tiger to create a virtual serial port? is there a way to reroute traffic from one TTY. to another? I know that the bluetooth Pref Pane has a function for creating virtual serial ports for use with BT, is there a way to do this with the modem? I guess basicly...

How do I get OSX apps to comunicate with cu.modem/tty.modem? I have been looking on google for the better part of two days now and can find no information te help me any further.

Thanks for your help,