More Than Before, But Less Than I'd Like

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More Than Before, But Less Than I'd Like

Last weekend I impulse-purchased an $80(US) DVD+RW at Sam's Club. It's branded "Pacific Digital" but I know it uses an NEC mechanism. 4x2.4x12/16x10x40. Not the fanciest thing, but for 80 bucks I couldn't pass it up. It plays DVDs fine with Apple DVD Player, and burns them fine with Toast 6. Native burning isn't supported (yet) so there goes iTunes and Burn. It is bootable however, which is a real plus. My plan is to find a cheap firewire enclosure for my old Apple CD-RW, that way I've got an easy option for importing and burning directly from iTunes or the Finder. Does this seem like a plausable plan, or should I just return this drive and shell out a bit extra to buy a proper Sony Superdrive?

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Sony = happy

I'd spring for the Sony only when I have the extra cash and would use the enclosure for a HDD, like you said. All experiences I've had with Sony products have been stellar in terms of durability, so if you'd be carrying this thing around, then I'd get the Sony.
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