Steven Landon- Stolen Items located Need your help in locating owners to return them to

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Steven Landon- Stolen Items located Need your help in locating owners to return them to

First let me introduce myself Im Niesha Barnhart the girlfriend of Steven Landon..
Ive read everything about him on here and Steven has agreed to return the items that were taken, to clarify one thing, August 3rd 2004 was when steven was arrested for the probation violation.. that is why everyone lost contact with him. and some items were confiscated by the police as part of the search warrant and probation violation as evidence against him
Items that Have been located or replaced

PowerBook Duo 210 and Dock- I believe this belongs to wallstreet
Apple QuickTake 200 Camera- Belongs to derekcat
Industrial PC- Belongs to tmbannon
iMac G3 Revision A 233- fritz_Gribern
Items that have not been located but will be replaced
Souped up beige G3 that belongs to esmeier- if we cannot locate another one we will send a blue G3 if that is okay with approx the same specs as the missing G3 if you remember them off hand
PowerBook G3 pismo- confiscated by the police never returned- but will try and locate another one

What I will need is peoples addresses so these items can be returned.. and if theres anything else missing please reply by PM

Now we both run a legitmate legal mac sales and service operation in michigan, the items that orion graphics posted were purchased in bulk from a computer shop in muskegon michigan and we have reciepts to prove this.

I would like your cooperation in this matter.. Steven is trying to make things right and wants to and feels bad for what he has done and has learned from his mistakes

you can contact me Via aim as well Brokecollege04

Thank You
Niesha Barnhart

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I believe this offer to be le

I believe this offer to be legitimate. If you property was stolen, please let me know what success you have in getting it returned.

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