iBook G4 (Jun 2005) Logic Board/Display Problems

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iBook G4 (Jun 2005) Logic Board/Display Problems

Hello All

I have been using my iBook G4 (1.2 GHz) with no problems since I purchased it in June 05. But over the past 2 days, I have been noticing this weird incident of "no display" when booted and I was hearing a loud fan noise at times and I can hear my HDD spinning etc. When I tried to restart pressing CTRL+OPTION and POWER after shutting it down, it booted up but reverted my PMU to a date in 2001 (resetting all my email, music etc). But when I tried shutting it down again and restarted normally, I heard the bootup chime but no display. Again, I could hear the fan and the HDD spinning.

I took my laptop to the Apple Store here in Boca, FL today and was told that its a logic board problem.

I know there was a Logic Board Repair Initiative from Apple for the G3's and early G4's. Does anyone know such a thing for the fairly recent iBook G4's??.

Any help is immensely appreciated.