12" ibook g3 logic board swap to 12" ibook g4 logic board

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12" ibook g3 logic board swap to 12" ibook g4 logic board

Hi i have an apple ibook g3 with a 500mhz logic board and i saw a cheap 12" 1ghz ibook g4 logic board. Could anyone tell me if it would be possible to put the g4 logic board in my ibook.

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Here's a topic that comes up every couple of months. You can put that iBook G4 board in your G3 iBook, however it is not a simple board swap. Below are parts you will need to get to do the swap. In the end, only your LCD panel, inverter, display plastics & hinge, airport antenna, battery, hard drive, and keyboard will be reusable. Below is a breakdown of parts you'll need to get in order to do the swap (assuming you already have the logic board) I'll include the part number if I can remember it.

Hard drive mounting brackets & cable (hard drive cable is 922-6124)
Optical drive, brackets, and cable (you'll need a slot loading drive
Top Case 922-6425
Airport card (if you want wifi) - you'll need an airport extreme card
LVDS cable 922-6424
Inverter cable 922-6134
Bottom Case

It's not a simple process, that's for certain. If you have a source of the logic board and all of these other parts for under $200, or your iBook has a dead logic board. I would say go for it. Otherwise, you're better off selling your iBook and buying an iBook that started out life as an iBook G4.

After spending approximately two years working on nothing but iBooks and PowerBooks, I've played with the variations, but making an iBook G4 of an iBook G3 is not something I would recommend.

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Re: Hmmm...

So I would guess that if you want to mount a 'book motherboard in any old case (like ssssaaayyy a CC), you'd need the following?

  • Heatsink not necessarily the original
  • Fan ditto
  • Hard drive cable or 3.5" converter
  • Optical drive cable ditto
  • Airport card (if you want wifi) or the various substitutes
  • LVDS cable 922-6424 unless you're using the VGA out
  • Inverter cable 922-6134 ditto
  • Power supply board

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