¿cuál es éste

Where can I stick this? Hey! Be nice now.



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That's a CPU card from a PCI-based PowerMac (7x00, 8x00, 9x00 series), and it will only work in those Macs.
The CPU is a PowerPC 604e, rated 200 MHz.

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Thanks for your response. This pup sits under a massive 225 gram finned chunk of aluminum. MaMa Mia!
Also stumble across this.

For sheer size, I don't think much surpasses a Daystar Genesis CPU card - see http://www.danamania.com/genesis/Genesis-Pages/Image21.html

click on "Previous" to see the four individual heatsinks on it, too


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Ferr Cherr.
Any room in there for a sprinkler system?