PC Case image 1 from B-Day gift

this is an Update of the New case that I received for my Birthday, this is a Cooler-Master Case system, with side air-vent for the CPU. the case uses a completely screw-less case for peripherals. even the PCI Cards don't require screws, instead it has levers that go swing down about the individual internal Slots. making it a breeze installing cards. I replaced the front Fan with a Clear Fan with Blue LEDs (hence the glow)
This case is a BIG improvement over the last one that I had. I really like the silver trim on the side.

The system features the following specs:
1.1TB of Internal HDD Space (SATA and IDE connections)
DVD-+RW +R DL 16x burner
500Watt Power Supply with dual rails
AMD Sempron 2500+ OC'd to 2800+ (1.76GHz to 2.0Ghz)
1GB PC-2700Ram
333Mhz FSB
64MB AGP 4x Video card
7" Rear case fan
I can tell you, this thing is the ULTIMATE in cooling. you can put your hand in front of the case (it uses a TOTAL metal mesh design (save for the Silver sides) that allows air input (even in the bay covers) with a filter behind all areas