Apple I Replica Creation Back to the Garage --- Review.

The book is perfectly structured, (a step by step lesson) specially for newbies, but it is a good "refresh" book for the expertise too.

The first part of the book in a nice trip back to the past with some interviews with the Apple I Pioneers, not forgetting, the genius that bought to life the Apple I, Woz.

There are a few chapters for who has never approached to electronics before, such as theory and practice of digital circuits; these pages are important for the newbies before building the replica, so they can complete the Replica with success, there is also a chapter of understanding the Apple I, to read after the previous chapters of course.

When the built is complete and the Replica running, there is only one thing to do:
Program it, and bring it to life. !
There are two chapters well done about programming the Apple I: Apple Basic and Assembly, this is the first approach Man-Machine the gives you a trill down your spine ...
The basic and assembly chapters are very simple to understand; i have read a few books of assembly, but this book i found it simple and straight forward for the understanding of the machine code, lots of examples to help the newbies in this new world, well, old.

this book is a "must" for those who love electronics and Old School computers, it take's you back to the past for who like me "missed" the Apple I era ...

Nice job Tom for the book, Thanks Woz for the Apple I.

My vote, 10 out of 10 !

P.S. Sorry for my poor English !!!!!


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