ideal picture frame laptop

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ideal picture frame laptop

my unfortuonate parents were looking at expensive digital picture frames the other night when i told them i could easily build them one for very little money. i'm well aware of the various threads on here, but any comments on an ideal computer to convert to a picture frame? i'd prefer something cheap and relatively easy to modify. also, all our pictures are stored on cf cards which i have a pc card for, so that would be ideal to have a computer with that slot to easily transfer them. i'm open to just about anything within those parameters since i know there are several good computers for this mod.

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I did two of them and

I did two of them, one from a Duo and from a PB 1400c (1400's have a pc card slot). The Duo was the easiest but it had a passive matrix screen so in the end was not as nice. The 1400c has an active matrix screen and looks wonderful.

So if you go for the conversion route just make sure it is an active matrix screen PB and have you checked Ebay for "digital picture frames", they have come down considerably in price since I did my conversion

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Your requirements are very close to mine.

I would second the 1400c over the Duo. Don't get a 1400cs, the screen is uglier than a hatful of kidneys.

IMHO the colour Duo screens look quite nice; smaller than the 1400 screen and lower rez. If you went with a 2300c Duo, you would have IDE, which you can buy a CF adapter for, and SCSI for an internal boot disk.

But the 1400 is probably simpler. A 5300 or 190 with an active matrix colour screen would work fine too, though I can't comment on the screen quality, not having seen one yet.

You're going to pay $$ for a 1400c over a cs.

And browse the hacks from the main page here - there a couple of picture frame writeups you can learn from.

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Of course, a dead 1400c with

Of course, a dead 1400c with a good screen would upgrade a cheaper cs quite nicely.

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